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Iambic Pulse
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The Bass Kahuna Project
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Second Wind
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Endo Enmity


This page is where you will find all the bands that Cuneo Productions has photographed, filmed, interviewed, or recorded.  The  bands are categorized by dates most recent.   Click on the links below to learn more about the groups.  There is even FREE music that you can download.  Oh yah, there are a lot of pages under construction so check back often as it is not an easy task to keep up with...

  • Sanity's Edge  Video   -  Sanity's Edge  unofficial page   (Metal)
  • Megadeth  Interview   -  Megadeth  photos   (Metal)
  • Slayer  photos   (Metal)
  • Testament  photos     (Metal)
  • Five Finger Death Punch  Interview   -  Five Finger Death Punch  photos   (Metal)
  • Ivan Moody  Interview  singer of  Five Finger Death Punch
  • Tyler Hilton  interview  -  Tyler Hilton photos  
  • Forth Yeer  interview  -  Forth Yeer photos  
  • 16 Second Stare  interview  -  16 Second Stare photos  
  • Seasons After  interview  -  Seasons After photos  
  • Of David  interview   (Christian Metal) 
  • Hatebreed   photos    (Thrash Metal) 
  • Cannibal Corpse   photos    (Thrash Metal)   
  • Chickenfoot  photos    (Rock) 
  • Joan Red  interview  -    Joan Red  photos  (Rock)
  • Nickelback  photos   (Rock)
  • Papa Roach  photos    (page under construction)
  • Hinder     (page under construction)     photos
  • Judas Priest     (page under construction)    photos
  • WhiteSnake     (page under construction)    photos
  • Pop Evil     (page under construction)    interview
  • Red Star Revolt    (page under construction)    Photos
  • Marylin Manson     (page under construction)    Photos
  • Slayer     (page under construction)    Photos
  • Bullet For My Valentine     (page under construction)    Photos
  • Trivium     (page under construction)     Photos
  • Whitechapel     (page under constructionInterview
  • Black Dahlia Murder     (page under construction)    Interview
  • Job For A Cowboy     (page under construction)    Photos
  • Iambic Pulse  (Progressive Metal)    Photos and Music
  • Motley Crue     (page under construction)    Photos
  • Godsmack     (page under construction)    Photos
  • Drowning Pool photos  -  Drowning Pool interview  (Rock)
  • Charm City Devils photos   Charm City Devils interview  (Rock)
  • Shram     (page under construction)    Interview
  • DynaMetal  (Melodic Metal)    Photos and Music
  • Hellstrum    (page under construction)    Photos and Music
  • Generations Jazz Trio   (Contemporary Jazz)    Photos and Music
  • Motley Crue       Photos      (Rock)
  • Buckcherry    (page under construction)    Photos
  • Papa Roach    (page under construction)    Photos
  • Sixx:AM     (page under construction)    Photos
  • Trapt    (page under construction)    Photos
  • Red Star Revolt  (page under construction)    Photos and Music
  • Generations Jazz Trio   (Contemporary Jazz)    Photos and Music
  • Fire Sign        (Female Vocal Rock)    Photos, Interview, and  Music 
  • 11th Hour    Photos, Interview, and Music
  • Generations Jazz Trio   (Contemporary Jazz)    Photos and Music
  • Mindsongs       (Progressive Jazz Rock)    Music
  • Blues Planet    (Rhythm and Blues)    Photos and Music
  • Grandon Westlund    (Undetermined style)    Photos and Music
  • The 5280     (Grunge Rock)    Photos and Music
  • Second Wind      (Progressive Rock)    Photos and Music


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