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(Drummer, Producer, Engineer)

Dino Studied under the late great "Buddy Rich", "Ron Moewes".  Played (and or) Recorded  with:  Iambic Pulse, Revvise, Hellstrum, Red Star Revolt, MindSongs, Grandon Westlund (The Bass Kahuna), Billy Austin, Joe Kissack Band, 11th Hour, Fire Sign, Stiffler's Mom, Allison Hawkins Band, The Lost Canyon Band, Blues Planet Project, (Chrysalis Records) recording artist Brent Ballard, 5280, Generations jazz trio, Watchmen Project, Second Wind (since 1978), Alter Ego, Full Moon Rising, Legacy, Perfect Stranger, Feldspar.  Opened for "Twisted Sister", "Warrant", "Great White".  (Sat in with "Carlos Santana" Sunday # 2 Mile High Stadium), Chris Daniels and the Kings, Baba Gannoush - (Formally) Some Peoples Kids, Jill Sobule, and many others...




"Iambic Pulse" - Escape From Nowhere, "Revvise" - Self Titled, "Red Star Revolt" - Self Titled, "Hellstrum" - Cronicles III, "Mindsongs" - A Work In Progress 2005, "Dynametal" - Instrumental, "Joe Kissack Band" - Country Glue, "11th Hour" - Say Something To The World, "FireSign" - Hades Cafe, "5280" - A Work In Progress 2004, "Watchmen" - Watchman's Journey, " Blues Planet" - Teddy's Got The Blues, "Generations Jazz Trio" - A Change In Seasons, "Stiffler's Mom" - Pucker Up, "Generations Jazz Trio" - Live 2001-2002, "Second Wind" - A Work In Progress 2002-2004-2005, "Grandon Westlund" - Basket Case, "Billy Austin" - Boys Night Out.



A personal note from Dino !!!

I think that everyone has a talent, some just don't have the opportunity to share there talent with others.  I have been quite fortunate in my life to have the Lord, my family and friends to make it possible for my talents to be brought out. I remember as a young boy listening to my mom vocalize when I was laying in bed and listening to Ed and my mom practicing for hours in preparation for shows that they were going to be performing in. It never kept me awake too long though.  My father, the late (Juan Alberto Cuneo) was a renowned violinist who played for royalty all over the world. My step father (Ed Dunklee) an amazing jazz pianist, who was the late great "Errol Garners" understudy at the London House in Chicago, was another influence in my musical background.  My Sister Cynthia sang in the Colorado Chorale for many years.  With all this musical talent in the family, it is no wonder that some of it had to rub off on me.  Another musical influence in my life was the late great "Buddy Rich".  At age 10 I met Buddy at a club called (Basins Up) where he was getting ready to perform at.  His tour bus was parked just out side and I saw him in the doorway. I was very excited and remembered my mom telling me to go over and talk to him.   It didn't take much coaxing on my moms part, so I went over to him and he asked if I was going to be a drummer.  In my arrogance I told him I was already a professional drummer and he laughed. He was not the type of person to be shaken very easily and he later told me that he got a real kick out of a little kid having as much arrogance as him.  He always said be your own drummer baby! and do your own licks.  I followed his instructions and feel that my ability to adapt to all forms of music were greatly improved by his advise.

Sincerely,  Dino Cuneo


Dino's Books & DVDs

A beginner to intermediate drum instructional book focusing on the full kit and not just the snare drum.  Dino has even incorporated a large section on double kick in the beginning book.

An intermediate through advanced drum instructional book that takes what is learned in the beginner book to a much higher level.  There are fill combo's and a large section on double bass exercises and beats.  A must have for any aspiring drummer.

Dino's new DVD is packed full of great drumming instruction, weather you are intermediate or an expert, there is something in this video that will help you further your knowledge and skill in drumming.

Equipment Dino uses:


  • Yamaha - (Blue Ridge Oak Custom) 16 piece

  • Yamaha - (Maple Recording Custom) 6 piece

  • Yamaha - (Burch Stage Custom) 8 piece

Zildjian Cymbals

  • 22" Jazz Ride

  • 22" Rock Ride

  • 21" Earth Ride

  • 22" Inverted Pang

  • 18" China Trash

  • 20" Hybrid China Trash

  • 2 - 18" Crash Cymbals

  • 2 - 16" Crash Cymbals

  • 16" A Brilliant Thin Crash

  • 14" & 15" Paper Thin Crash's stacked

  • 13" K Custom Remote Hi-Hat

  • 13" K Custom Hybrid Hi-Hat

  • 8", 10", 12" A Custom Splash Cymbals

  • 10" K Custom Splash

  • 2 - 12" Han Chi China Trash Cymbals


  • Axis - Long Boards dbl kick pedals

  • Tama - 905 Iron Cobra series dbl kick pedals

  • Tama - HH905 Hi-Hat stand

  • Tama - Cobra Clutch


  • Pearl - Icon Rack system

  • Pearl - Boom Stands


  • Rolland - SPD S Trigger System

  • Tama - Octobans

  • Remo - Timbales

  • LP Aspire - Congas and Bongos

  • Toga - Tamberine

  • Rhythm Tech - The Crasher

  • LP - Cow Bells

  • Tree Works - Wind Chimes


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